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This blog is about when June Frickin' Cleaver and a crunchy Betty Frickin' Crocker meet.

It is otherwise known as a really interesting, sarcastic, and overall fantastic view on my life.

Here is a little background: my life is a whirlwind of really awesome (and occasionally really crappy) things. I try to maintain a positive outlook on all things, or I find a way to write the hard stuff out in the best way I know how to (sarcasm and profanity)! 

Every time you come to my .com, you get to visit this page rather than the latest blog I have written, just as a reminder that you are about to experience something awesome! 

I like to write about the never dull Army life, marriage (my husband is pretty wonderful), my awesome children, natural living, Waldorf education, couponing, cleaning, eating healthy and anything and everything else I feel like sharing that day.

This blog is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. (Forrest Gump's Mama sure was clever when she said that!) 

This blog is fairly easy to navigate!
Make sure you are on the full site (there's an option for it at the bottom if you're on the mobile site) for the easiest navigation!
There are tabs across the top (under the title) that will take you to information pages.
I try really hard to link things within my blog to make it easier on you!
There are tons of labels and tabs that will help you find your way!
If you can't find what you are looking for here, go ahead and Google it.

Google is a magical tool that can drastically help you with life in general! 

I love comments and questions! 

 Grab a cup of coffee (aka, a cup of sanity).

Enjoy your reading.

Stay Awesome.